Exciting new arrivals at Chiltern Pietrain!

Brexit and Covid19 have certainly been challenging times for everyone!

Since the U.K left the EU, live importation rules have tightened.
Phone call after phone call, email after email, being able to bring new genetics to the U.K seemed like we’d see a pig fly before it was possible!

Well… that pig must have flown by at high speed and we all missed it!

Never give up on something that you can’t go a day without thinking about.

We are SO excited to announce, late January 2023 saw the safe delivery of four new arrival.

Bloodlines to have never stepped foot on U.K soil.

We are please to introduce to you all:

‘Mr Marc’- BE.227Y367. Imported from Marc Peters, Sluizenweg.
Blood never seen in the UK.
He’s a young PP boar, born April 2022.
A boar with fantastic length, power and hams to die for.
He is correct from head to toe, despite his radar for a tail!
He has great mobility and a real eye catcher!
Mr Marc will be dummy trained and used as an AI stud boar here at Chiltern Pietrain.
Keep your eyes peeled for his future offspring.

Alongside Mr Marc, ‘Miss Sassy’ made her way across the sea. BE.227Y387.
Sassy is also a complete new breeding line to the UK.
A PP female, born July 2022.
She’s got ass, sass and style. Curves in all the right places!
Top line to toes, a real beauty!

Now for something a bit different to what you expect to see here a Chiltern.

Please meet ‘Mr Christophe’. BE.223P162.
Imported from the Van De Blomberg herd, ‘Christophe’ is a PN boar, born May 2022.
Not only has he got length, a fantastic topline and great bone structure, he has a strong penis for natural service.
We have had a lot of interest for traditional natural service boars with a more ‘robust’ style. Aimed at the natural service/minimal intervention systems.
Lets see what this chap can do!
Successfully used over a homebred PP gilt, with no return. Watch this space.

Alongside ‘Christophe’ came ‘Miss Isobell’. BE.223P105.
A PN gilt, inpig to ‘Droomus’ who is a fantastic stud boar at the Vancompernolle herd.
A very maternal female line with a hell of a ham!
A correct gilt which caught our eye from the start, we just couldn’t leave her behind.
We are very excited to see her progeny in April.

So there you have it, the new Chiltern Pietrain gang.

Tell us we can’t…. We will show you we can!

Head over to Facebook to see some more pictures of the new stock.

Keep following for a sneaky look at the up and coming homebred stock!

“Mr Marc”
“Miss Sassy”
“Mr Christophe”
“Miss Isobell”
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