2020 saw the purchase of an entire Blue Texel flock to complement the Chiltern Beltex flock. Having always admired the breed for its striking characteristics and balanced confirmation, it was felt this was a great opportunity to offer our customers an alternative breed.

Having discussed with Lesley Weatherburn of the Yeat flock, we completed the deal in February and the entire flock of 84 head joined the Chiltern team and we now have them being managed at 70 breeding females. Included in the purchase were stock tups; Caryls Blue Dancer, a previous Carlisle champion, Hackney Cunning, a Whatmore Walnut son and Turbo Blue RJR 03544.

Other than Yeat breeding in the females, other lines include Millside, Miserden, Eastbury and Jonsland, as well as some ET bred daughters out of Hackney Yum Yum by Joes Alvin and Cleenagh Big Bird by Derg Churchill. 


Then in September 2020 we purchased a tup lamb from Sophie Long’s Littlebrook flock in the form of Littlebrook Eagle Eye, an ET-bred son of the imported sire Brucie Bonus.

The aim is to lamb the flock down in 2021 and then refine the flock to a manageable size of 50 breeding females with a view to showing and selling across the UK.