Chiltern Livestock is home to flocks of pedigree Beltex, Blue Texel and Oxford Down, as well as a commercial flock from which our MV-recipients are bred.


The Pietrain herd was established in 2020 with stock imported from Belgium. To date we have six breeding females and a stud boar. The herd may be small, but it’s certainly packed full of quality.


We know first hand how valuable an excellent working dog is. Pups are sometimes available from our hard working Kelpies and Collies.

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Welcome to Chiltern Livestock, the home of our growing flocks of pedigree Beltex, Blue Texel and Oxford Down sheep, commercial sheep, working dogs and a growing herd of pedigree Pietrain pigs. Alongside the livestock enterprises, we are both contract shepherds and work for a number of clients across Oxfordshire and surrounding areas. We often have stock available for sale from the farm and at breed Society sales across the country. We can also be found exhibiting both sheep and pigs at local and national shows in the summer. We welcome enquiries and love hosting visitors on the farm. Hopefully we have something that catches your interest!

Harry Bishop and Emily South