Having fallen completely in love with this powerful and impressive breed at a livestock show, the Chiltern Pietrain herd was established in 2020 following the brave decision to import two in-pig gilts and a young boar from Belgium.

Having researched genetics in depth, it was felt it would be better to import direct from the home of the breed in order to establish highly sort after family lines. So after a trip to Christopher Bloome and family to view his Vancompernolle herd, the new arrivals made their way across the sea to Chiltern.  



The first two foundation females were Blomberg Emma BE193P150 and Blomberg Emma BE193P153, more affectionally known at home as Tabitha and Tallula.  Emma 150 produced us six piglets by Blomberg Rembrant BE173P860, while Emma 153 gave us nine piglets by Blomberg Ukode BE193P214. 

We were so pleased with the piglets and have since kept four females, while two boars have been sold to AI studs, one has been sold to a commercial herd, while all the other boars have gone to pedigree herds.  


Included in the first purchase from Belgium was our incredibly handsome and stylish junior herd sire, Blomberg Ukode BE153P097, or Jurgen as he is known at home. With his tremendous carcass characteristics and fantastic nature, we feel so fortunate to have been able to purchase such a great example of the breed.


In the autumn of 2020 we added to the herd with the importation of four more female piglets from Christopher Bloome, three of which are by Blomberg Rembrant BE173P860, the sire of Tabitha’s piglets, while another is by an outcross sire Blomberg Vivaan. 

We are now the only breeders in the UK with these male lines coming through from Jurgen and the sire of the recently imported females. Our pigs are raised to the highest of standards working closely with our vets on all areas of housing, diet and husbandry and they complement the other areas of the livestock business with piglets proving to be excellent time wasters!