It’s official – we’re pig farmers!

So after falling head over heels in love for this amazing breed of pig, we’re delighted to tell you about our new Chiltern Pietrain pig enterprise.

In the spring of this year we imported two gilts and a young boar from the fantastic herd of Christopher Bloome and family in Belgium and we’re pleased to say they’ve all settled in fantastically well and more importantly, the girls have farrowed producing between them 15 thoroughly cheeky piglets.

We’ve done our research and apparently this breed doesn’t come easy, what with their highly strung nature, but so far so good and as you can see, we’ve even ventured out in the field, piglets in tow, for a photo shoot with Country Girl Media.

Below are a few of our favourites from the shoot, as you can see they are amazing time wasters!

Even the sheep are interested in our new friends!

Having built up an amazing relationship with our junior boar, Jurgen, we also ventured outside for a walk and a photo shoot. We’re so impressed with how this lad is growing on and we couldn’t ask for a better character and nature in him.

We look forward to being able to market semen from him in due course. These lines are unique to the UK so opportunities for fellow enthusiasts are endless. We plan to import more breeding females and possibly another boar in due course.

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